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Not only clickable but also be able to scan it.

Thank you for your answer, in fact I'm trying to redirect to de order status page, if I use the code you sent when you answered my last question, the qr image does become clickable and sends to the order status page, the thing is I don't only want it to be clickable but also to be able to scan it and take me to the same page, is that possible?

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by Giedrius


Thank you for more details, that makes more sense now.

You could encode an order status URL inside a QR code and have it clickable by using the following markup code:

<a href="{{order_status_url}}">
<img src="{{shop.permanent_domain}}/{{order_status_url | url_encode}}" />

This way you could embed any link into a QR code. After scanning such QR code with a mobile device's camera app, an embedded link would popup and could be opened on a device's browser.

Note that since an order status URL would be encoded in a QR code, customer ID would not be available. Therefore, if you scanned such QR code in Shopify POS app, you could not add customer to the cart. Barcodify app might recognise some customer, but most likely it would not be the correct customer. 

For now, you could have 2 QR codes - one for order status page and one for customer selection (using the markup code in the getting started guide). I am sorry if this is not ideal.

Technically, I believe, that it should be possible to achieve both customer selection and redirection to the order status page with only one QR code, but it would require a lot of changes in the app to support this and I would like to better understand the use case and whether there's more interest in such a feature.

Hopefully, this will help, but please do not hesitate to ask for more questions. I am truly interested in your use case and I really want to improve your and other customers' experience.

All the best,


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