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I'm having issues with the set up

I don't know code so I'm not sure how to share or embed the QR codes. If I try to click 'learn more' it tries to take me to your website, but your website is erroring. I've tried clicking the contact me page from the Shopify app, but that page is also erroring.

Hope you can help! 



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by Giedrius

Hi Stefan,

I am very sorry for this. 

The contact me link has stopped working recently and I will update this in the next release. Please contact me at

However, both "Learn more" links seem to be working ok. Could you please share what Shopify app (e.g. POS or Admin mobile app) or browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, etc) and device (e.g. PC, mac, Android, iOS) you were using? This would really help me find the root cause.

Please see (general Shopify's guide about notification templates) and

If you need further assistance, please email me at

All the best,


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