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Can I scan customer barcodes with the SocketScan bluetooth scanner?
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by Giedrius

Yes and no... Unfortunately, apps like "Barcodify - Customer Selector" do not receive barcode scan events from the Shopify POS. The Barcodify app could work with the SocketScan barcode scanner, but only in HID mode (Human Interface Device), which is not recommended when using Shopify POS. The scanner would then work like a keyboard and you would need to tap on input fields to scan anything.

If you wish to use the app with a barcode scanner, I would advise getting a second (can be cheaper) barcode scanner for customer barcodes only.

There are 2 ways to add customers using a 2nd scanner via:

1. The native POS "Add customer" grid action for the auto-generated QR codes only.

2. The app for the auto-generated and custom barcodes.

In the videos I am using Tera HW0002, but any bluetooth scanner that works in HID mode (default mode in most scanners) could be used. As you can see in the 1st video, the 2nd scanner works just fine alongside the SocketScan scanner.

Note, when a 2nd barcode scanner is paired with your tablet via bluetooth in HID mode, it works like a bluetooth keyboard. Therefore, your virtual (on-screen) keyboard might be hidden. It's not an issue for the Tera HW0002 on iOS due to the "IOS System HID Virtual Keyboard Setting" (page 6 in the manual), but some scanners might not have this feature. If your 2nd scanner doesn't support this feature, you would need to get a bluetooth keyboard.

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